MINDTREE PICTURES is also specialized in production, co-production and development movie series as well as well documentary and short, medium and long movie production through the license « The Movie You Are the Hero » ©




Who has never dreamt of changing the actions or decisions of a movie hero ?

Now it’s possible.Yes, this is the concept of THE MOVIE YOU ARE THE HERO ©, offering you movies that are interactive, immersive, intuitive and evolutive, and in which you are THE Hero.

You can choose to change the possible outcomes (the future ?) by changing the choices of the Hero.

A world premiere which will take you into Parallel Realities © where nothing is left to chance, and where every action has consequences.


At a crossroad, if he turns left the hero will cross a honking car. Behind him, a metallic sound and the screeching of tyres will send a woman flying into his arms ; the love of his life.

On the other hand, if he can decide to turn right. The hero will be surprised by the honking of a car colliding with another car, which will hit him and change his life forever.


This is the principle of Parallel Reality, in which your choices will change the future in a given universe.

Welcome to this adventure…or to another one.


  • Movie series : 10×15′ (multi-scenarios) Live-action film from first person point of vue.
  • Target : 15 to 45 years old
  • Synopsis : At the beginning of the 7th largest mass extinction of plants and animal species but also on the yardstick of the seizure of power of artificial intelligence. How will man succeed in safeguarding his planet and his species without losing his liberties and humanity. A woman Amélie (you) is going, despite her, to be carried off in an adventure. It will change the face of the world forever. Of your choices will depend on the survival and future of our planet !
  • Created by : Yann Ropars, Guillaume Riff et Loïc Adelis