VRFOCUS Oct 17, 2017
Mindtree Pictures Developing Interactive VR Movies
By Rebecca Hills-Duty

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First look at upcoming interactive VR movie Dark Sides will be coming on 9th November.

The project has been titled ‘The Movie You Are The Hero’ and uses the possibilities presented by the interactivity of VR to not only put the player in the driving seat as the hero, but also to let them change the outcome.

Mindtree Pictures presents a couple of possible scenarios. Such as a choice to turn left at a crossroads leading to a car accident which causes a narrow miss and the player character meeting a potential lover, or turning right will mean the player is hit by the out-of-control car, changing the nature of the story, perhaps transforming it from romance to tragedy, or vice-versa. The direction the story takes is in the hands of the user.

This sort of concept lies at the heart of branching storytelling, something that has begun to be used in videogames. It is a complex concept that has been difficult for many creators to properly realise.

The creators of The Movie You Are The Hero are hoping to present the first few minutes of its interactive narrative Dark Sides on the 9th of November. There are few details available, and it is presently unknown what VR platform this project is planned for.

A short teaser trailer for the The Movie You Are The Hero project is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Mindtree Pictures VR projects as it becomes available.



VR4Player Apr 25, 2018
Made In France: Mindtree Pictures Revolutionary VR Movie By Cyril Thevenot

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Despite the involvement of Ubisot in the production of VR titles, France is lagging behind its European neighbors in this promising sector. It is however who are putting the pressure to break and reverse the trend. Fortunately Fort virtual reality is not limited to the creation of video games. The recent Steven Spielberg style exercise and his film Ready Player One proves the interest of the VR for film and film for the RV. A young French society of audiovisual productions MindTree PICTURES attempts to create a new VR Service redefining cinema codes able to revolutionize it.


The cinema at the French, it is known to do, but for the VR movie is that it ?

If the brothers lights (Auguste and Louis) are not the first to have made a film (William Kennedy Dickson), nor to have created the first machine to record movies (Thomas Edison and his Kinetograph), however they are the first through their cinema to create the first collective projections of photographic films on the big screen for a gathered audience. Georges Méliès Another French among the first to develop « special effects » through fades, and magnifications of rapetissements, characters, Overlays … He transposed the SF literature screen with her film Trip to the Moon(1902). Charles Pathé meanwhile was the father of the film industrialization. So there is fertile ground in France where bloom the seeds of artistic and technological achievement. It is on this ground there that wants to rise Mindtree Pictures.

Develop the film content for RVs, it is not new. Film productions have already been made (Sergeant James Carne y Arena). There are also a plethora of applications for viewing using a VR helmet movies such as 360 degrees bigscreen application that supports all VR helmets. It offers a social universe in which you can watch movies projected in a virtual movie theater. The company also Inception compatible with all helmets VR provides content 360 RVs, and from hunting on the flower beds and YouTube applications Littlstar example.

Mindtree Pictures turn is miles away from that type of content. The team with the company’s management seeks it broaden the perspective of cinema, revolutionize breaking the codes to create new, it seeks to provoke through its software license home « The Movie You Are The Hero » the first step of VR giant of cinema.


Guillaume Riff, President of Mindtree Pictures answers our questions :


VR4Player : Your project seems ambitious and innovative. Open the possible field of cinema, series and VR sorely lacking in VR :

We also believe that the innovative content that enables VR technology still lacking. Mainly contemplative projects do not offer spectators an optimum development of this new medium that nevertheless allows dramatic advances! We are before a real revolution in the entertainment world.


With our license « The Movie Hero © You Are The » new ways to write, shoot and play are possible and will allow viewers to discover evolutionary histories while experiencing new sensations! We are primarily there to dream the public while using current technological advances and future.


Certainly unsuccessful attempts have been made in recent years but never in this form. Here the film is available from the sofa and simply equipped with a VR headset. The viewer becomes, at a glance, the hero of his film in live action through its own choice! And this with a real fluidity.


VR4Player : Can you tell us more about why Mindtree Pictures and favor the RV ?

Mindtree Pictures was founded in 2016 by myself, David LIARDOULoïc ADELIS (Founders of the studio Frequencia, specializing in audiovisual production and post-production) Yann ROPARS and Mathieu Chambon-CARTIER (Initiator of the company and the project « The Movie You Are The Hero »).


The company’s aim is the production, co-production and realization of series, short, medium and feature films. To date the company is dedicated to the development and production of projects within the new media sector. In particular, virtual and augmented reality taking our license « The Movie You Are The Hero ©. »


Why privileged VR: This is a new medium where all fields are still possible to create. The RV is also an opportunity to shake up the codes of the world of movies and TV series. In these 2 Universe, the weight of the majors is so important that it is very difficult to propose new ideas. But in VR, the actors are open to new solutions. We want to offer a new experience. Also this VR of future market is a field that allows real innovations to our team of professionals (Directors, scriptwriters, image and sound technicians) from the world of cinema and animation. We wanted to break the codes to access what we wished that it offers us!


VR4Player : What your license: THE MOVIE YOU ARE THE HERO?

The Hero (the viewer) can license through our conduct, in the first person, different types of choices in a given project (movies, series, BtoB communication) in live action. This just in view in his VR helmet and home! He can interact on the evolution of the film. The viewer will be able to immersive and interactive way to be the hero of his own story and choose different scenarios within the film. We are in a new medium that is a perfect mix between a movie and a video game (but still in live action!) A French innovation and a world first! In view so you can select following your story with real fluidity and access various « branches » of the film that will lead to various purposes.


The « The Movie Hero © You Are The » license is the software solution in permanent evolution that allows this. Some of our developments are still ongoing. In fact we want to offer this application to the public by constantly adapting to the broadcast media and resources currently available on the market. Viewers can enjoy our future productions.


VR4Player : Scenarios and production are made by your services, what is the video resolution?

Yes, we do the creative development, pre-production, production and even post-production. We had to innovate with our team on many aspects, including specific writing this new media and our license, implementation techniques and acting. However possibilities of creation in common or consultants in co-production with these international actors remain entirely make possible. Our programs can be delivered in 4K to provide an optimal experience to the public.


VR4Player : Your project wins accession, are you supported?

To date we have been funded by a business angel who loves the project. We are also preparing our dossier to obtain grants from the CNC and BPI. We will then appeal to new investors at our next release. Meanwhile we will produce for businesses and cultural venues new immersive and interactive experiences


We also seek to share our experience with other products to offer more content. By Elsewhere we are in post-production of a project for the Paris Mint, who, having seen the potential of this license, we already am.


VR4Player : Your « application » is dedicated mainly to be available on smartphone, the she will be with the HTC and Oculus headsets?

Today the application works for OCULUS, ANDROID and Windows 10. Developments are underway to HTC, WMR, OS and iOS to expand accessibility of media. We would wait for the shooting and developing projects completed in order to offer them for download on these various media.


VR4Player : Knowing that the Sony PlayStation ecosystem is locked, have you advanced contacts with Sony?

Too few contacts were made. It would seem indeed interesting to develop with Sony Entertainment and Sony Playstation these contents of a new kind. Besides, if someone from Sony can tell us a door that we could hit, ours is wide open.


VR4Player : Your work will therefore soon be accessible to all virtual reality helmets except that of Sony. When will we enjoy?

Our products and applications will be available this summer. We have developing: our series « Dark Sides » and other projects (co-production and communication of known companies) that I can detail you subsequently for obvious confidentiality reasons.


VR4Player: What is the average length of an episode of a movie ?

8 min to more than 1:40, Depending on the project. Our productions are varied. But we believe that formats 10-15 min will probably be preferred because the immersive experience is more intense to the viewer as a series or film « classic. » We will adapt somehow to the wishes of the spectators-actors on the duration.



MindTree PICTURES is poised to realize its plans to open the field of possibilities of VR film, echoing the creative and technological torch of his illustrious peers. Although the search for ever more financial and artistic partners, a few months creations Mindtree Pictures will be available on all except VR headset market (for now) on PlayStation VR, Sony n ‘ is not returned to them. What regrets.